Battlefield V

Battlefield V

Date of issue: 20. 11. 2018

Battlefield V returns to the very beginning of its existence and you will be able to look into the unprecedented processing of the Second World War - the biggest conflict of human history.

Battlefield V

Basic edition

Create your own soldier, adjust your weapons and vehicles and determine everything from look to the way you make a victory. In the new cooperative mode, emphasis is placed on the soldier, because penetrating the enemy lines will be a tough one.

The edition contains:

  • Game Battlefield V
Battlefield V Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition will give you a three-day preferential access to the game, 5 parachute sets, special tasks and 20 Airlifts a week

The edition contains:

  • 3-day preferential access to the game
  • 5 parachute sets
  • Special tasks
  • 20-week Airlift
Playing for the euro

Get Euro *

1. Pre-order the game on our e-shop with pick up at the store.
2. Wait for the game to be released (on SMS for order preparation).
3. Bring to the shop two games, each of which has a base sale price of at least € 29.99 each as of 20 November 2018.
4. Take the Battlefield V game for the Euro.

* The sale is valid until November 23, 2018 or until the stock is sold out. The action is valid only for the standard edition of the game . Applies only to PS4 and Xbox One versions.


Battlefield In console

Battlefield V with Xbox consoles

You do not have Battlefield Where do you play or think about upgrading an existing console? Purchase preferred packages of Xbox One or Xbox One with consoles and get started right away. Xbox One X additionally in a special Gold Rush version.

The Xbox One X Pack contains:

  • Game Battlefield V
  • FIFA Game 19
  • Game Battlefield Revolution Edition
  • Game Battlefield 1943